guaranteed tender steaks from our himalayan salt chamber aged for a minimum of 28 days and cooked to perfection

All of the steaks at The Old Auctioneer are aged in our exclusive Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Chamber by master butchers Steve Betts.

He says they’re the best steaks in Banbury, and we think they are too!

By creating an atmosphere that surrounds the steaks with 200 million-year-old Himalayan salt bricks, moisture is drawn from both the air and the meat, which has the effect of lowering the humidity.

This change in humidity creates a process of ionisation where positive ions from the steak and negative ions from the salt counteract. In other words, the ageing process creates great tasting steaks that are guaranteed tender every time.

Perfectly seasoned, and flame grilled in a real charcoal fire oven,  we serve our steaks with succulent caramelised onions, locally sourced mushrooms & tomatoes on the vine.

Whether you pair your steak with a cheesy potato gratin, or our traditional hand cut skinny, crispy, rustic fries – you are in for a treat when choosing any of our salt aged steaks.

don’t forget to try our signature Dirty Bear steak sauce – perfection!

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